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Manifest Cash For Christmas self-study with access to four empowering masterclasses! 💸✨ Uncover the secrets of manifesting, master the art, transform your money mindset, and connect with your future self to manifest Christmas cash goals. 🎄


So the most amazing thing since doing Rebecca’s cash for Christmas course was that I managed to quit smoking. I’d tried numerous times before and always started again part way through the patches. However it’s been over a month and no patches and no cigarettes because of this I’ve managed to pay for all my Christmas presents in advance, there will be no Christmas debt after Christmas. Ive manifested 2 smart tvs that I’ve been wanted for ages for free and a couple of extra hours a week at work that I needed to fulfill my employment obligations with universal credits since they changed the requirements. Plus more money! I’ve also just checked this months wage slip and not only have I been repaid my tax (I was on the wrong code) but I’ve also been awarded a pay rise and had it back paid!
On top of that I started to become very interested in health and nutrition and looking after myself and manifested a free level 2 course!
Thank you Beckie. I don’t know what to say. I’m really chuffed. 

Lesley Pearl

I was a little skeptical about the Manifesting Cash for Christmas course with Rebecca because I have in the past practiced manifestation and got good results on my own. Being a determined and independent woman I rarely take the opportunity to be ‘helped’, I have though I can do it all on my own… HOWEVER… By the end of the first session I was already in a shifted mindset to having cash flow in my direction and a few cash deposits and offers from others to pay for things started to happen. By the second session I had manifested more time for myself and an overnight stay away and a nice dinner. By the third session, I realised I had more money in my account at that point in the month than I had ever had before. The forth session was full of gratitude, and practice to ‘hold my nerve’ on the increased flow of cash. When you start the course either in a group or a self-study course, you’ll find out what I’m talking about!