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Inner Freedom Coaching

Over the last few days have you found it easy to think positively or have you felt lost, stuck, flat and let that inner negative critic creep in?

In your life do you want to…

✅feel content

✅feel fulfilled

✅feel healthy

✅feel calmer

✅have energy and vitality

✅have a positive mindset

✅have meaningful, healthy relationships

✅live in abundance

✅make these changes – but not sure how…

Then Rebecca’s 6 week Achieve Inner Freedom coaching programme is for you!

“I love myself more. I believe in myself more. I no longer feel guilty that I’m not doing enough. I am saving. I’m doing college courses. I’m asking for what I need. I’m happier.” 

Lesley F

“I feel so much better, positive and confident. I don’t “entertain” negative thoughts or people.” 

Gail C


The programme teaches you how to rewire and train your brain gently to enable you to lead the positive and fulfilling life you desire and that you are so worthy of.

The programme consists of six live masterclasses which teach you proven techniques that, if you commit to them, dramatically increase positive thinking and feeling in your life. This in return gives you the mindset and confidence to do what you want to do.

The masterclasses are held live on Zoom. The recordings will be streamed into the private Facebook group, Achieve Inner Freedom With Rebecca, so you can catch up at any time if you cannot make the live group sessions. This Facebook group also gives you direct access to Rebecca for support, feedback and questions.


It was amazing and a huge thank you to you for changing my life in such a positive way. I’m happy most of the time now, have clear goals but living content in the moment and for someone who has suffered with anxiety and depression for huge chunks of my life it’s nothing short of a miracle! 

Lesley C

Totally different outlook to life. Bouncing back from setbacks a lot quicker. I’ve taken charge of my emotional health, my physical health, my finances, my happiness. Speaking out against nonsense and people who try to spoil my joy and engulf me in their negativity. Thank you.

Lesley F

“I can try anything alone and go anywhere not being frightened of going places, I can live without anxiety ruining my life.
I’m calmer, happier, less stressed and feeling peace more. Overall my life is changing for the better.”

Michala T

When I told some people that I was taking this course, some people were so negative. Oh my goodness – that is the whole point of the course, to banish negative feelings and thoughts! I am so glad that I was not put off. All the way through this journey, and what a beautiful journey, Rebecca has been there with such support and encouragement it was humbling. Rebecca was available to help and encourage, structuring the lessons to fit us all, despite her students being all different ages. 

I can’t believe how much I have changed. At work every morning when our orderly helper comes in, I read a poem or quote to help energise and encourage positive thoughts. Our orderly told me just yesterday how much he looks forward to this and I should be a motivational speaker! Colleagues and friends have much happier I am too. I really cannot thank Rebecca enough and would recommend this course to everyone.

Gail C