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Transformation, Mindset and Manifestation Coach
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We Live in the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Rebecca is a Belief Coding Facilitator, Reiki practitioner, Soul Plan practitioner, Inner Freedom coach, and Spiritual life coach.

Rebecca offers one-to-one Belief Coding sessions, group coaching programmes, individual soul plan readings and distant reiki healing sessions. 

You are a beautiful, talented kind person and I feel honoured to have met you. Thank you for changing my life.

Lesley F

Rebecca! Your encouragement is amazing. Thank you.

Gail C


Rebecca was able to help me uncover what my true discomfort was, by asking really great questions that guided me to know exactly what I needed to work on during our session. This is something I wouldn’t have figured out myself because I had kept going round in my head in the past, feeling more frustrated and not getting anywhere. She made me feel comfortable and guided me through the session with patience. I had a massive aha moment and already feel lighter. Thank you so much!


I just want to thank Rebecca for all the time, energy and support she gave me. We did a session around not being good enough. It was a very emotional session and Rebecca held space so beautifully for me. I felt safe at all times. I felt such a huge shift after this session. Rebecca is an amazing facilitator, her energy is magnetic. Thank you so much for helping me to work with something I’ve been avoiding for a while. I’m excited to see where my new beliefs take me.


I’ve had some profound experiences over the past few months and was trying to make sense of it, when I remembered my soul plan reading Rebecca had done for me a few months ago. I re-read it and it was like she had predicted my future. So much has and is still happening. I’ve opened up even more spiritually, intuitively and personally. She told me that I would make a great teacher and this is what I will be incorporating into my spiritual life coaching business. So much more of the reading has helped me make sense of my spiritual gifts and I can’t wait to see what unfolds on the next part of my journey.